Experiential Leadership

      Experiential leadership is a new concept adopted by Dr. Fadi Al Sakka. It is about putting leaders into practical activities while being assessed by occupational psychometric assessors. This program was designed by HR Mark as follows:A strategic meeting was held with the top management to understand the problem statements and what results they were seeking out of this program

    1. Leaders were assessed before the program. They were offered to debrief when the reports came out 
    2. Leaders then attended two days and two nights in a Hotel away from the working environment.  
    3. Every day the leaders were shuffled into different groups to share discussion, debates and undertake case studies 
    4. Deputy Director General was one of the participants extending his support and engagement towards it 
    5. Daily activities were designed around the main issues faced by their organization such as intercommunication and harmony amongst departments. 
    6. Evening time was given to prepare for case study discussion. Case questions were designed to reflect the actual issue faced by them 
    7. On-site occupational assessor was providing instant feedback on leadership skills to participants 
    8. Long-term and short-term plan were developed by the leaders at the end of the program. They took it to present to their mentors, coaches and director general. 
    9. Individual reports were prepared to demonstrate the progress of each leader according to their initial assessment which was done prior to the program



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