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AUD Students Hit the Mark with Experiential Learning


      The School of Business Administration recently held an interactive human resources focused workshop entitled Team Dynamic Experiential Learning led by HRMark and Dr. Fadi Al Sakka, Director of HR Programs.

      The event involved students who are currently enrolled in the HR Management course.  Dr. Fadi Al Sakka, an Adjunct Professor of Management at the School of Business Administration (SBA) at AUD, exposed students to different team dynamic issues through three experiential games.  The games involved team-based fun activities that mimic real-life scenarios faced by business professionals working in teams. After each activity, an SBA professor met with the students and related the encountered challenges and the adopted tactics to corresponding business concepts.

      The workshop was an opportunity for students to learn outside of the classroom and relate their experience back to the theory they are learning. In addition to experiencing the criticality of communication, planning, and leadership skills for achieving common strategic goals, the students also learned about the importance of experiential training for employees in business.

      Dr. Hassan Zeineddine, Chair of the Department of Management, who took part in helping lead the sessions commented that: “The simple exercises were loaded with several business lessons that students will automatically internalize and vividly remember in their future jobs. To describe the knowledge that those students gained, one might need to write tens of pages and present dozens of slides in multiple sessions. Through this well-planned engagement exercise involving SBA students and business professionals from HRMark, those lessons were effectively delivered in one session.”

About Dr. Fadi Al Sakka

      With almost 15 years of experience with multicultural organizations in the Middle East, Dr. Fadi Al Sakka, has worked with all various HR strategic components such as leadership development, management programs, policies and procedures, performance management, recruitment, compensating and benefits, training & development, career path,succession planning, Emiratization, job description, analysis, evaluation, engagement & satisfaction schemes, HR information systems, and special strategic HR projects in order enhance the overall organization productivity level. Besides to that, Fadi is a well-recognized coach and mentor to leaders from a various levels.


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