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Six Reasons to Say NO to a Promotion

Employees explore every possible opportunity to grow. Developing skills, competence, knowledge, capabilities and above all connecting with the decision makers are the recipe to step up the career ladder. However, you may consider saying NO to a promotion which has the following features:

  1. A position is given by a manager who is under immense pressure. You are sure that he/she is not going to stay more than a year in his/her current position.
  2. It is without clear description, authority, staff, budget, and achievable deliverables. If so then you are set to fail rather than to succeed.
  3. Monetary and non-monetary rewards are not considered at all. It is instead volunteering more than a real position with benefits. There are many negotiations a company can articulate. They might tell you that the economy is not good; the company is going through a tough period; there will be layoff…etc. If you hear these words, then it is better to fire your CV immediately or explore opportunities to start up a small business. Otherwise, you will be forced to take a position to keep your current job and get additional responsibilities on top of it without any recognition. You have to be aware that it is not a promotion rather than cutting cost through you. It might be a wise decision to accept it if you have to. But then again, it is not a role which you would admire. It is going to be a stressful one. It will keep you running to keep your current job and getting more and more accountabilities to keep the butter on the bread.
  4. A position that keeps you away from your family, and the things you like to do for an extended period. More than six month is a long time to be engaged in a new role that requires 24/7 attention.
  5. It does not give you the authority to plan your work, voice your concern, and take decisions within the context of the new position; then you are set to be just a pawn in a chess game. It means that you are set to follow orders blindly, work more, and ready to be a scapegoat when the the time
  6. It does not add any value to your career development.

If you have no other option, then accept it, stay, and buy time. Otherwise, go outside your comfort zone and exploit every opportunity you may have to grow outside this company.





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