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About Us


This blog is an open source HR knowledge.  It is intended to share all that is obtained from my personal experience as a business consultant, university HR professor, startup founder, and life coaching outcomes without any restrictions. I do not claim that I am a theorist, a philosopher, or even a practitioner person. Actually, my situation is totally the opposite, my glass is still empty with regards to knowledge and experience. Once I know myself, then I might be one of these.

I will be indebted to everyone who would contribute to enriching this blog by either commenting, criticizing, writing views, expressing opinions, doing studies or publishing articles. So please send your articles by clicking on “New Post“. Be a member, fill up the form to be reviewed and published under your name.

HRMark has many sections which surprisingly do not fall under one discipline. Together we can build the HR encyclopedia step by step. I will share all the knowledge, templates, approach, consultation program I have with all with all freedom. Education should be free and shared with all. If you know something, then please do not monetize your knowledge. You can charge money only if you work hand in hand with others to change their current life to a better one.


Dr. Fadi is HR Professor, business consultant, and executive coach. He founded two successful companies. The latest one is NearMentor which is a business hub connecting entrepreneurs with mentors & investors to grow and scale up their business ideas without the middleman.

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