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Mr. Bank, Please Don’t Go Digital and Make our Life Miserable!

Client: this is a luxury branch. You make much investment by closing it for three months and coming up with this luxury modern interior design.

Customer Service: Yes we want to adopt a futuristic technology. We are going digital

Client: I want three months bank statements, please

Customer Service: you have to log online, print , bring it to us, and we will stamp it. We are going completely digital. We want to save the environment by being paperless

Client: I don’t understand. I am here. I am a premium client. My account status is not a normal one. I need a simple bank statement. If I am going to print the same papers from my printer then how are you saving the environment? You are shifting the work form your shoulders to mine.

Customer Service: we can help you here to log online. There is a computer on the corner. It will take five minutes from you to print it, then take a ticket, wait for your turn; then we will stamp them.

Client: But I took a ticket already. I am in front of you after me waiting. Why can’t you print it out and stamp it? Would you please call your manager

Manager: We are going completely digital. We are trying to adopt technology to help our clients better.

Client: Would you please print the statement and stamp it for me. I am supposed to be a VIP client. I am supposed to get special treatment.

Manager: I will do it as an exception. Next time print from your house, bring it and wait for your turn to get it stamped.

Client: Yes I will do your work next time. I will spend half an hour to print the statement month by month; then I will come and wait to get it stamped. Long live your technology.

Another Client: I am here by the way to close my bank account. This bank is not helping at all. I don’t think that the bank CEO hired the right person to adopt the technology. They are making us suffering

Client: Where is my debit card? Dear Manager, the ATM swallowed my card.

Manager: Yes we have a new security rule. The ATM will take the card if nothing happens within few seconds second. It is for your benefit

Client: I need money. I am left without money now. Would you please call someone to help me out

Manager: Sorry we are going completely digital. Please call the bank free line. Alternatively, talk with your relationship manager and ask for help.

Client: the line which answers after half an hour? The line which you get lost in options? The relationship manager who does not reply to her emails or direct calls?

Another Client: I told you.


Client: tell me how much money did you spend to refurbish this place? Tell me how are going to let your clients suffering by going completely digital? Tell me does your CEO know about it or even care? Tell me are going to keep your job if you are doing nothing completely?


—End of Story


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