Business Consultation Approach

The Consultation Method Used by HR

      There are many approaches which consultants follow. HR Mark follows the Six Sigma method for most of the consolation project I undertake no matter what they are, the method stays the same.

      1- Define

      The starting point to define the problem faced by the organization, its impact on the stakeholders, and assess the organizational capabilities to tackle it.

      2- Measure

      In this stage, a measurement of the current data and information has to be done and benchmarked with the similar organizations

      3- Analyze

      This is the stage which requires you to analyze the cause and effects of the problem. Break it down. Use a fishbone diagram or any causality framework.

      4- Improve

      Start with a change management program and introduce quick wins

      5- Control

      This when a change is anchored and institutionalized within the organization


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